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Your Messages
These are the messages you have send me, its your claim to fame.

Hello Andrew??
I luv the website - my father has a mini - dont ask which i dont really know. I will return soon to see if you have added some more stuff.
Luv Helen Xx
Thank you for this email.

Yo Dude
Glad to see another Mini Website on the web!!I am a HUGE fan, when i am old enough to drive i am going to try and get one!(if i can afford to)
I buy the Mini magazine every so often as i think some of the pictures are great - much better than land rovers!
Hope to see my message on you board

I agree with you on that, but i do like Landrovers. Thanks for the email.

Hi Babe - my life ambition is to ride around the world in a mini and visit as many places as possible!!! I just passed my test the other day and I love driving, tis so cool. I think Mini's are great, they are small, attractive and unique, there's nothing like them. I agree with Mike on the message board here - land rovers are not in the same league as Mini's.
C ya later JO xxxxxx :)

Thanks for and minis arent in the same legue as Landrovers.